Potenial Retailers 

We would love to have you carry our awesome line of products in your store. We do area protect our retailers and won't allow more than one retailer per county. If you have any questions about becoming a retailer please contact Nevada by emailing him at southernoiseapparel@yahoo.com and he will get back in touch with you!

Website Help & Returns

If you received an order that wasn't complete or had something wrong with it, please let us know. Also if you are having problems ordering something off of the website, please contact us about that TOO. We want to make sure that you haVE the best customer experience, so don't hesitate to email Nevada at southernnoiseapparel@yahoo.com. He will be glad to help you AND Thank you for your support!

Sponsorships and Brand Reps

Want to rep Southern Noise Apparel at your college campus? Have a outdoor social media page with some good content and a gREAT following? Then MAYBE WE can help you out! Please email Nevada at southernnoiseapparel@yahoo.com to get more info about becoming a potential brand rep.  GET APPAREL AT DISCOUNTED PRCIES AND HELP US GROW OUR BRAND!